Gold lighters are portable fire making devices primarily made of the valuable metal gold.  Gold lighters were very popular in the 1900's amongst wealthier citizenry around the world. 


Gold lighters are still very popular today (and valuable) but more related to their collectibility.  Antique gold lighters are collected for their nostalgic value and gold value.

Gold lighters are relatively new in a historical context.  The earliest portable lighter weren't invented until 1823, and the modern gold lighter that most people are familiar with didn't start production until the early 1900s.

Nowadays many people associate portable lighters with the lighter manufacturer Zippo, as many people also associate Rolex watches with gold watches.  However, Zippo historically was not a major manufacturer of gold lighters (although they do produce them now).

Gold lighters can be worth a couple hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars.  The gold content in the lighter will always have value, and depending upon the brand of the lighter, and how many were produced, gold lighters can have significant collectibility value.

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