Popular Gold Lighters

Gold lighters have been manufactured by various companies around the world for over 100 years.  Below are some of the most popular gold lighters:

S.T. Dupont Gold Lighters:

Dupont gold lighters are amongst the earliest manufacturers of gold lighters.  These lighters were manufactured in France and can command prices close to $50,000.

Cartier Gold Lighters:

Cartier has manufactured a number of different gold lighter styles over the years.  Cartier makes both gold plated lighters and 18K gold lighters.

Zippo Gold Lighters:


Zippo is almost synonymous with the modern metal based lighter.  They offer a 18K gold version that is currently for sale on their website.

Dunhill Gold Lighters:

Dunhill is another very early manufacturer of gold lighters.  Dunhill 18K gold lighters were manufactured in the UK and Italy.

All of the gold lighters above have differing values based upon gold content, collectibility, and condition. 


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